Our 10 step web design process

It's like a well Oiled machine.

Get A No BS Quote

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem. It doesn’t have to be exact.

Our No BS Pricing makes it simple and easy to get a quote.

Once your quote is locked in, it doesn’t change. No hidden fees or additional hours are tacked on!

Note: If you choose to integrate third party vendors on your site such as mailchimp, typeform, etc, they may charge a monthly fee.

There is a 50% payment due upfront before the project is booked in.

We’re not your average code monkeys. We’re valuable partners for your business.

What are your main goals for your new site? Are you trying to get away from tired and ugly design? Want to eliminate downtime, maintenance and updates? Site on the go slow? Low conversion rates costing you sales?

Our questionnaire clarifies what you need, what you do, who you do it for, your mission and of course… your design style which will resonate with your potential client base.

Content Development

This part is where we need you the most! You can provide a word or google doc with the text for your new site. If you need help with your written content, just ask.

Our user experience experts will help you plan pages and ideal user flows with a sitemap tailored to meet your business goals.


Sort through our collection of past website projects and tell us what you like! This will help us hone in on your design direction and create something similar… but entirely unique to you!

Once you’ve chosen a direction, we’ll create and curate some imagery specifically for you. Logo, illustration, photos, fonts, and colours. All the ingredients for good web design!

We don’t do endless wireframes or mockups like many designers, instead we start creating online, right where your new site will live!


We get started by setting up WordPress on a temporary domain where you can view all the live progress. This ensures there’s no downtime on your current website while we are creating the new one.

First, we design the main attraction… the home page! Most feedback and revisions happen at this stage.

Next, we design and develop the rest of the pages.

If you have any pages and info on another website, we’ll move those over into your newly designed website as part of the build.

Search Engine

We focus on on-site SEO for every site we create.

Have you ever shared a link on social media and been surprised by the random image and text that appears in the preview? We’ll make sure every page we create has the proper description and featured image.

We’ll check each page is optimized for your relevant keywords to make sure search engines know what your page is about and what to rank it for. It’s just good practice.

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Your new site is ready and just waiting to take off! We test everything to verify all contact forms, integrations and email addresses are working correctly. Then we double check your site loads quickly to increase conversions.
Managed Hosting

Each new site we create comes with managed hosting.

You’re billed annually from the month we started the project. The perks of being on our hosting package, are saying goodbye to worrying about WordPress updates, downtime, and broken sites. We'll keep an eye on your site for you, it's our baby too.

Your site is backed up once a day and backups are kept on file for 30 days.

Celebrate good times

Enjoy your brand spankin’ new, beautiful, modern, easy-to-use, mission driving, sales making, low maintenance, audience engaging, sexy as hell website!

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