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The vast majority of sites take 8-12 weeks to complete. This is a target timeline and in no way a guarantee. Why is that? We offer UNLIMITED REVISIONS to guarantee satisfaction. You won’t find this from many other agencies. Congrats on hitting the jackpot! The only downside is these revisions can and will increase the timeline.

Our 8-12 weeks date is based on 2-3 rounds of revisions, but again, you can use as many as you like! Another common time sucker is copywriting. We aren’t writers and ask our clients to be prepared with their text beforehand or be ready to write once we get started.

Our UX planning stage will really help you outline what info you need to provide. Ultimately, the faster the writing is provided and designs are approved on your end, the faster your site is completed.

Unfortunately, no. We’ve found that we cannot offer cost effective writing and encourage our clients to create their copy internally or contact a professional writing company.

We aren’t writers and ask our clients to be prepared with their text beforehand or be ready to write once we get started. Our UX planning stage will really help you outline what info you need to provide.

50% payment up front on all projects and we offer a 50% payment plan split over 3 months on website design projects to help spread the cost.

We offer no BS, what you see is what you get pricing. We never tack on hidden fees, but outside service integrations like mailchimp, calendly, etc, may charge you a small monthly fee to use their services. We wish they were free too!

We offer an annual hosting & maintenance package plan that gets billed on the month your website goes live.

In short, no. That’s not the sort of SEO we do. SEO is comprised of two elements; on-site and off-site. Off site SEO is all about getting others to post links back to your site by creating and sharing top-notch content. The more links pointing back to your site, the more relevant your site appears to search engines. For this, you will need a content marketing company. We recommend a few, just ask.

What does Crossworks do? We focus on on-site SEO for every site we create. This is not an added service more than a modern necessity. It is crucial that search engines and social media read and index your pages properly. Because of this, we use SEO best practices and make sure each page on your site has the proper title, url, keyword placement, heading tags, featured image, meta description, and image alt text. These are all factors that affect SEO.

We’re very proud of our efficient, streamlined, creative process. It’s taken us years to fine tune the perfect way that is most effective for our clients and us. For the full story, check out our process page HERE!

Unfortunately, no. Our process is pretty comprehensive and isn’t broken into pieces. We can use the text and any relevant images, but structurally, we would need to start from the beginning in order to guarantee the same level of quality our customers have come to expect.

Branding is a very broad topic, almost as broad as marketing itself.  We focus on the visual identity portion of branding. Many of our clients come to us with their brand style guides already in hand. However, many clients, especially startups, do not have clear visual guidelines. In other cases, an organization may be ready for a fresh new look as tastes and target markets change over time. For this reason, we have found it simpler to include branding for each website we create. It’s like two services in one. Sweet!

Your dedicated professional designer will help you choose and create a cohesive brand identity including:

Logo or logo redesign
Colour palette
Form, shape, pattern, texture, and peripheral imagery
Illustration, icon, and Photographic style

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